Your First Appointment with Us

Want to know what will happen when you visit us?

We at Sunfill Dental Clinic provide our patients with everything they might need to feel comfortable during their appointment with us. While you wait for your appointment you will be served bottled mineral water, tea or coffee of your choice all while watching a movie and relaxing. 

We aim to make your appointment as stress free as possible.

Your First Dental Appointment

1. Detailed History is Taken


We prefer to be able to treat our patients as safely as possible and hence our dentist notes down a very detailed history of our patients.

2. Overall Oral Health Check


A 5 point Check up is done by a Dentist to asses your overall Oral Health. This is done to be able to provide the best treatment plan for you.

3. Consultation Photographs


Why just blindly listen to your Dentist. We prefer to provide our patient with detailed photo proofs of their dental problems.

4. Consultation X-Rays


X-Rays are taken to assess the overall condition of the bone in the mouth. The Dentist will take these in the same appointment.

5. Emergency Treatment


If you are in need of any emergency treatment it'll be provided swiftly in the same appointment by a dentist to help remove the pain before taking a date.

Frequently Asked Question's


You have a question but can't understand if you need to visit the dentist or not? 

Check out our FAQ's for any procedure on their respective pages.

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